Custom web designing or pre-designed template based websites, clients and designers often get confused to select between the two. It is proven fact that custom designed websites are always successful and result oriented than the template based websites. Custom website is just like stitching cloths matching the size and proportion and the template based site on the other hand is like fitting somebody into a dress that is stitched on someone else’s proportions. A custom designed site can only be called your own as each inch of the site is designed for matching your requirements. There are several advantages for a custom designed website over template based sites.

Each brand and person competes to be the best and unique in whatever fields their skills are focused. If people understand the importance of uniqueness so deeply, then why to think astray when it comes to websites? The requirement of creating a website differs from person to person and organization to organization. Only a custom made website can project the messages to the audience in the most fitting form.
You can surpass your competitors with a custom designed website. Each tool, each page, and each application on a custom designed website can be personalized in customized websites. A template based website may feature lot of unwanted elements and unutilized space. You will have less control on the site if you opt for a template site. While designing a custom website, you just tell your requirements to the designer. Designer then conceptualizes and develops each page, layout and structure just for you in the most fitting way for you.

Custom websites are said to have more life compared to other designs. You can focus on the possible users and nature of products and services included in the site while designing it. Your custom made applications will surely impress the users, increasing the site traffic and doubling the revenue. In short, template based websites are very much limited in scope and a custom based website breaks open all such limitations and widens the business scope. Designing within a pre-designed template is limiting the concepts and skills of a designer too. Customization is like providing the designer with a blank canvas and asking the person to sketch a fresh design.

A custom designed website becomes your own property even from the very foundation. All the legal rights are bound to you only. You will have the protection of copyright laws as no one will be entitled to use any part of your site. In this way you can keep the whole of your site protected. Another advantage of having a personalized design is that you can have custom defined optimization techniques on the site, both on page and of page. This helps you to have more online visibility than any of the similar sites or competitors. A custom design can be changed anytime in the future according to any possible needs.

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